About WordSing.org

WordSing with rhyme and rhythm plants the Word of God in hearts young and old. Scripture sanctifies; singing is good therapy. Both help us worship God in spirit and in truth, His required balance. The living, life-giving, faith-building Word supplies essential wisdom for evangelism, growth in grace and spiritual warfare.

David told the Levites to stand up and praise God twice daily in the hours of sacrifice, along with the libations (drink offerings) and incense offerings before God’s earthly throne. He told them why. We cannot quit, he said to the Levitical choirs, because the Lord’s mercies never cease!      I Chronicles 16:7, 34; 23:30. Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, King of kings, we have far more reason to praise Him daily. Acts 2:46, 47. The Holy Spirit is here to help. Ephesians 5:18-20. WordSing includes four features: a two-line caption on each chapter (in capital letters), followed by a summary on the content, in four-line stanzas, verses noted on the right margins (in italics). Our comment, lessons to learn, practical applications, come next. These (in italics) are also in four-line stanzas. Concluding notes, chapter by chapter, are included to provide additional insights.

Beneath the final stanza of each chapter we list the meter. To sing a chapter, select a tune in that meter. Some tunes are suggested at the close of the chapter or you may choose a familiar tune - or learn one as you sing! We have also provided a metrical index at the back of the book. All of the chapter captions and much of the poetry is written in long meter.


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